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More Than Friends: A Gay For You Erotic Short

By 2:57 PM

 An excerpt from More Than Friends

 Ryan was getting more certain that the conversation was about him and he had to keep himself from bolting out of the apartment. But, a part of him really wanted to find out for sure. If Zach was interested in Ryan in more than a friendly way, he needed to know it sooner rather than later. It would be flattering and kinda cool to be the object of someone’s sexual desires but he didn’t swing that way so he needed to know.

“Are you saying there is a guy you’re interested in that you don’t think is into you?” He couldn’t have been any more obvious if he tried. Ryan wasn’t as good at being subtle as he was at being dense. He might as well have just said, “Hey, buddy, do you want to bone me?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Zach was watching every move Ryan made. When Ryan reached for his beer, Zach’s eyes tracked the bottle until it reached Ryan’s lips. When Ryan closed his lips around the rim to take a swig, he heard a soft groan come from across the table. He looked over at Zach and noticed a faint blush color his features. But neither guy looked away.

“Well, all I can say is if there is something you want, you should at least ask for it. You never know what the answer might be.” What? What the hell did that mean? Ryan immediately regretted this game he was playing. He was basically telling his new gay friend to proposition him, if he wanted to, but Ryan didn’t actually intend to do anything with him. Well, probably not. 

He did have a few moments in the shower that morning while he was rubbing one out where he wondered what it would be like to be with a guy. Would it feel as good? Would a guy still feel soft or would he be constantly reminded of the fact that it wasn’t a chick? He was surprised that he came faster in his hand when he was thinking about being with Zach than he had in years while thinking about being with Brooke...or any other women. But, Ryan didn’t attribute that to being into guys. He figured it was just that he had been practically sexually comatose for so long that he was just finally getting back to the land of the sexually interested and his body was ready for action. Any action. Well, maybe any action. He was still on the fence about that.

“Have you ever been with a man?” Whoa. Way to just go for it. Ryan almost choked on his beer but he managed to keep it in his mouth. 

“Um, uh, no. I guess I never really thought about it. I mean, I’m not gay or anything so I haven’t really...well, you know.”

“How do you know you’re not if you’ve never tried it?”

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