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Hands On Now Available | Book 5 of More Than Friends

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I'm so excited that Hands On is finally available. I've been thinking about this story for a year but a few others came first. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm always looking for reviewers so if cash is tight and you want a copy, just drop me a line at and ask for a review copy. I'll always help out a fan in need. ;-)

Here's a quick excerpt:

After a quick shower and a power bar, I head over to Ray’s. Heather, the woman that lives below me with her year old daughter, said it’s a quiet spot to shoot some pool or just have a drink. That’s exactly what I need.
When I walk in, I’m surprised how busy it is for seven PM on a Wednesday. Pop music is playing in the background and several groups of people are seated at tables around the place. There are some open high tops but I don’t want to sit alone.
A stool in the middle of the bar seems innocuous enough so I slip onto it and take a look around. This doesn’t look like most of the gay bars I’ve been to but they’re definitely gay-friendly, if the small rainbow flag above the register is any indicator. It’s actually the only indicator.
Most of the patrons are guys but that’s true in most bars. Regardless, I’m not here to pick up anyone. That’s not my style. I’m just here for a drink and to feel like a regular guy again. I’ve missed not having the guys from the band to have a drink with on weekends or after gigs.
By the time I turn back around, the bartender is standing in front of me. “Can I get you something?”
“Tanqueray and Tonic, please.”
He smiles and nods. “You got it.”
With what I hope isn’t taken as anything more than polite curiosity, I watch the kid reach for the bottle from the top shelf. His shirt pulls up slightly, revealing the creamy white skin of his slender hips, peeking out from his dark, tight jeans. The boy looks young—younger than he must be if he’s a pouring drinks, but hot.
I’m still staring when he turns around and pours the liquor into a highball. I slowly let my gaze crawl up his chest to his face. He’s not looking at me so I study his delicate features and streaked blond hair. It’s not too short but you can tell he likes to look good and puts effort into it.
The time he takes is well spent. He’s hot as hell. When I glance at him, his crystal blue eyes are trained on me. I want to look away but I can’t. He winks then hands me the glass. “Here ya go. That’ll be eight bucks.”
I pull out a ten and hand it to the kid. When he tries to give me my change, I just shake my head and take a sip. The citrusy drink is smooth and only briefly reminds me of Finn.
As I nurse my drink, I can’t help but watch the sexy bartender. He has an easy smile and an infectious laugh. He’s clearly liked by all his customers and enjoys chatting them up. Every now and then I catch his eye and he smiles, but then he glances down to my glass to see if I’m ready for a refill. When I finally finish my drink, he’s in front of me before the glass meets the wood.
“Ready for another?” He’s wiping out the inside of a glass as he waits for my answer.
“Um, yeah.” I slide the empty glass to him. “Just one more. I don’t usually drink much on work nights.”
He nods turns to grab the bottle of Tanqueray. “That’s usually a good policy.”
He moves gracefully as he prepares my drink. Since I’ve spent the past thirty minutes watching the poor guy, I’ve noticed he rolls his shoulders and stretches his neck often.
Before he slides my drink to me, I lay down another ten.
He pulls two singles from the register and tries to hand them to me but I just shake my head. “Keep it.”
“Thanks.” He drops them into a jar on the back wall and comes back to me. “I haven’t seen you in before. Just visiting?”
I take a drink before responding. “New to town. I’ve only been in the area for a few months.”
“Cool.” His hand moves to his left shoulder and he rubs circles while nodding slowly. “Where are you from?”
“Colorado.” I watch his hand move from his shoulder to his neck. “You got a kink?”
“Oh, yeah.” He drops his hand self-consciously. “Occupational hazard.”
I look left and right, confused by the comment. “I didn’t realize bartending was so dangerous.”
He gives me another wink. “It can be.”
A guy leans in on my right and places his elbow on the bar beside me, brushing against my back. I bristle at the unexpected contact and lean away.
“Caleb, can you send a couple Cokes to the back when you get a chance?” The man is large with full tattoo sleeves on both arms. He looks like a body builder so I don’t look too closely. If he’s straight, he probably won’t appreciate me checking him out.
“You got it, Steve,” Caleb responds.
Caleb. I like it. He looks like a Caleb.
“Thanks, gorgeous.” The man drops a twenty on the counter and walks away.
I let out a low whistle. “Damn, Cokes are expensive in here.”
He laughs and rings up the drinks then drops the 300% tip in the jar. “He’s a good friend.”
“I see.” If that guy is calling him gorgeous and leaving tips like that, I’m sure he’s more than just a friend.
Caleb gives me smirk that tells me he knows what I’m thinking. I hope my snide comment didn’t sound as petty as it could have.
When Caleb walks away to place the Cokes on a tray, I turn in my stool and look around again. It’s gotten a little busier but I can still see to the billiard tables in the back. The guy, Steve, is playing with a young blond that looks even younger than Caleb. This kid is barely legal. But by the way they watch each other and stop to kiss between almost every shot, it’s clear Steve isn’t interested in Caleb.
When I spin back around, Caleb is taking a picture of two girls holding up pink drinks at the far end of the bar. When he hands the phone back to them, he notices me watching him. His hand moves to his neck and rubs it while he smiles broadly at me. “Do you need anything else?”
My glass is still half full so I can’t use that as an excuse. Besides, I have to work tomorrow and I don’t want to feel like shit all day. “No, thanks. But I can probably help with your neck.” I take a final drink then stand. “I just started working as a massage therapist at Hydrate Day Spa. Come by and I’ll comp a massage.”
Caleb takes the card I hand him and looks at it for a minute before understanding dawns. “Oh, my neck.” He smiles shyly. “Thanks, I might do that.”

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