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Choosing Us by Aria Grace - m/m/m love story - Book 10 of the More Than Friends series

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Book 10 in the More Than Friends series. Can be read as a standalone but references to Book 3, Choosing Happy are made. Consider reading Choosing Happy first for maximum enjoyment.

Steve and Joey have a perfect life. They're happy with the home they've built together and have no plans to change anything. When Joey runs into Adam, a past coworker from his days at a male brothel, old feelings are stirred up.

Adam has been living on the streets, barely getting by, but not without resorting to a vice he thought he'd long kicked. He's losing hope and afraid to trust anyone when Joey walks back into his life.

While searching for a missing friend, Joey finds Adam in a park. Sick and alone, Joey can't leave him. He takes him home, knowing he and Steve can help him find what he's looking for.

It's awkward at first, but feelings between the three men quickly develop. Promises for a future are made but Adam has no intention of being around long enough to see them fulfilled.

Exclusive Excerpt

My skin is still pink and moist from the scalding hot shower when I step into the living room. Steve and Joey are on the floor with a tray of chocolate dipped strawberries and three champagne flutes between them. 
They both look up at me with content smiles when I approach. “Come.” Joey pats the empty space between him and Steve. “I’m dying to try these.”
“Oh, you shouldn’t have waited,” I say as I cross my ankles and drop down onto the area rug. The fireplace is glowing with a stack of cedar logs that crackle every few seconds. The scene is straight out of a romantic movie.
Steve hands me and Joey a glass then reaches for his own. “To fresh starts and finding happiness, no matter how unconventional it might look.”
“Cheers!” Joey has a conspiratorial smile on his face that makes me cock an eyebrow. He ignores my unspoken question and nods toward my glass.
“Cheers,” I say, clinking against their sparkling crystal. I down half the glass in one gulp. It’s not classy but I need to calm my nerves. The shower helped but now that I’m sitting so close between the two men that I was spying on just minutes ago, I feel anxious. Afraid they know what I’ve done.
“These strawberries look so good, Adam.” Joey grabs one and smells it. “And they smell so good.” Instead of taking a bite, he holds it out to Steve.
Steve leans forward and bites the tip off. “Mmm, it tastes even better.”
I’m hypnotized by the way Steve’s mouth closes over the dessert. He savors the taste, keeping his eyes locked on Joey’s. But now they’re locked on me. I’m startled to realize I’ve been caught staring. Then I realize why. Joey is holding the rest of the strawberry in front of my mouth.
“Try it, honey. You deserve the second bite since you made them.”
Holding Joey’s gaze, I lean forward just an inch and open my mouth. He meets me the rest of the way, moving the strawberry to my lips. Without blinking, I bury my teeth into the soft fruit. Sweet and tangy juices flood my senses. Fuck, I never knew strawberries could be so good.
Steve groans quietly beside me but I don’t look away as Joey pops the rest into his mouth and bites it down to the stem. “Mmm, perfect.”
“Yes, this is,” Steve whispers, reading my mind. 

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